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Medical House Call Practice
"Is There a Doctor in Your House"? 

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PRIMARY HOMECARE’s  mission is to provide quality medical healthcare and personal attention in a comfortable setting—your home. Our goal is to keep you in your home, maintaining your quality of life, by providing care that allows you dignity and respect.

Have you or someone you know ever needed to see a doctor, but weren’t able to get to the doctor’s office? Unable to travel due to chronic health or medical conditions or lack of transportation

PRIMARY HOMECARE is the leader in providing a program that is not just a doctors office, but a distinct program aimed at illness prevention and health maintenance. Our board certified Nurse Practitioners bring the doctor’s office to your home on a regular monthly schedule, along with sick call visits and 24 hour telephone on-call service.

Who is Eligible?

Anybody who has difficulty getting to a medical office for any reason, including lack of transportation, is eligible for a Primary HomeCare house call, but this service is especially intended for those with medical conditions such as dementia, CHF, asthma, COPD, hypertension, edema, arthritis, or conditions that require a cane, walker or leave them bedbound.


From house calls by Nurse Practitioners to specialty services such as in-home laboratory blood draws, cardiology, podiatry, optometry, Ultrasound,
X-Rays, physical  and occupational therapy, and skilled nursing, we are able to provide the most-inclusive house call medical services available

 In addition, we can arrange and manage nursing, hospice, prescriptive medicine, durable medical equipment, and home delivery of medications and diabetic supplies.
Comments From Our Patients

"Just want to thank you again for arranging home care for  my parents, Walter and Lucille. We love Jerry and recognize that we are extremely fortunate to have access to this service.
After a thorough assessment, we got new prescriptions ordered,  flu shots, an ear irrigation, and lab orders. You cannot imagine the relief in knowing that they will be evaluated and treated on a regular basis

                                                                                      Betty M.
                                                       Chester Springs, PA

Primary HomeCare
Fax: 215-635-3165


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